CAP (Civil Advocacy Project) was created in response to the needs of small businesses. The guiding principle of CAP is that if we nurture small businesses, they will be more resilient to economic shocks.  They can pivot and start serving new needs. 

Small businesses are the bedrock of communities.  They employ local people, create a sense of well-being, are more durable in the local economy, and create an atmosphere that is more vibrant for the people who live in the community. 

For income-eligible clients, we provide legal services on a sliding scale basis. Legal services could include a review of a lease, incorporation of a business, employee handbook, and benefits questions, just to name a few. We are also helping businesses navigate the new ”normal” of the COVID-19 crisis. We can help work through new ways of doing business that have legal implications, such as internet delivery of services, employee safety, and lease renewals. CAP can perform the work that an in-counsel attorney would perform for a larger company, only in a way affordable to small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

In addition to a legal background, the staff of CAP has a background in economic development. 

CAP also tries to connect clients to others who have had similar experiences. We invite clients to join networks and talk with other small businesses.  This is all part of building community.

Please contact us to see if we can assist you.

CAP can also help consultants, inventors, and non-traditional businesses. Here are examples of clients we have helped recently.

One Client worked for a small business for a few years. The owner wanted to sell it to the client. Civil Advocacy Project helped our client create a corporation and worked through the sale of the corporation. Once it was in the hands of our client, CAP helped create employee rules and regulations and establish procedures for the new corporation.

Clients owned a successful business at the Ithaca Farmers’ Market. CAP helped the business establish a ”brick and mortar” restaurant. After that, CAP helped establish employee rules and helped navigate tax questions.